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The Library 
Aug 11th, 05 @ 12:27
  Kara sat in the library, drumming her quill on the table. Schoolwork was so BORING, and it seemed like everyone else had evaporated. She sighed, resigning herself to another long, boring afternoon.  
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Ice Cream Expedition 
May 1st, 05 @ 13:48
mood: anxious-excited
Kara paced in front of the Ravenclaw Common Room, waiting impatiently for Zach to show up. She hadn't talked to him in a while, and she couldn't think of a better way to do it then over ice cream...
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Apr 21st, 05 @ 15:22
  Kara sat in the library, trying unsuccessfully to get work done. She just was NOT in a mood to study, but there didn't seem to be anyone around to talk to...  
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Apr 21st, 05 @ 19:09
mood: angry
Pansy was sitting at the lake, thinking. It's been a week since she got out of the hospital after that odd duel with Theo's cousin and that Hufflepuf boy. She didn't even remember what it was about, she didn't remember what she did, all she remembers is having horrible nightmares for a looong time. She was told she's been unconcious for a week. It was probably that nasty head wound, which she could still feel. It was healed, of course, but it still hurt.

She looked grim. It disturbed her that she hadn't got a get well card from her family. Her mother always sent her cards, even if it was just for keeping up appearances. But nothing. Absolutely nothing. She suspected it was because she hadn't answered her father's letter. THE letter. The 'my dear daughter, why don't you marry young Draco Malfoy and join our side in the current war'letter. She had liked Draco. She even sort of loved him at one point. But he has been cheating on her. And if he was cheating on her now, what would stop him from cheating on her in the future? It made her angry. All those promises had been unreal. And she didn't feel like joining 'their side'. Not because she didn't want to fight the mudbloods, but because she realised it was a losing battle. She didn't feel like risking her neck for that. She would risk her future.

She looked out over the lake, the cold wind blowing her hair around. It was icy, almost freezing. She picked up a ahndful of pebbles, and started to throw them in the cold, deep water, each with more strenght than the one before.
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Hagrid's Hut 
Apr 16th, 05 @ 09:30
mood: pensive
Hermione petted Fang on his giant head, keeping herself out of the direction of his slobber. She squinted her eyes into the distance, looking for Harry and Ron, who were supposed to meet her. She'd come directly from Professor Vector's classroom after Arithmancy, and she figured they were coming from Quidditch practise. She hadn't yet had the nerve to ask who was Captain at the moment, for she felt sure it might be a point of contention between them - if Ron was still it, Harry might hold a grudge, and the opposite was probably true if Harry had taken it back from Ron. She felt it wise not to bring it up at all.

She wondered what Harry had to tell them, worried that it was something terribly important. She knew he needed the two of them now more than ever, and even though Ron had the emotional capacity of a flobberworm, Hermione was determined to be there for Harry. She was scared, too, and not simply of Voldemort. This was their final year at Hogwarts. They would be off getting jobs soon. What if they were taken away from each other? What if she only got to see them in a visit about every other month? What if the year ended without Ron knowing how she really felt? She made a silent resolution not to let this final year of childhood, essentially, go to waste.

There was another issue on her mind, as well. The whole business with Voldemort. It had been entirely too quiet. She had a nagging sense of foreboding, that something was going to happen. She wanted nothing more than to take her friends and loved ones away, somewhere where they could escape from this whole war. However much she wished that, she knew Harry was inextricably linked to Voldemort. He would never be vanquished without Harry; he was the key. And she couldn't, in good conscience, doom the wizarding world to a future that included Lord Voldemort simply because she was selfish and wanted to protect those she held dear. As much as she worried about Harry, she worried about Ron too. Worried that he would eventually be taken by a sense of bravado, a desire to prove to the world that he was brave as Harry, and would do something horribly stupid...something to get himself killed.

On her knees beside Fang, Hermione felt an overwhelming urge.
"Whoever's up there," she began awkwardly, "If anyone is up there, please watch over my friends. There's so much fear in the world. We all need looking out for now." She closed her eyes, overcome with supplication, as two sweaty, disheveled figures approached from the direction of the Quidditch pitch.
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Apr 8th, 05 @ 17:05
mood: Glad to be back
I'm back at Hogwarts- Dumbledore felt as if it were safe enough for me to return. Hopefully I'm not too far behind- I've been keeping up with reading (thanks, Hermione!), but i haven't touched my wand in weeks.

Or my broom. I think I might go fly a bit, it's been ages since I've played Quidditch...

Oh, and thanks to everyone for all the letters. VERY informative... the three sentence owl from Ron about Damascus was about the most interesting thing I received.
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The DA continued 
Apr 8th, 05 @ 14:35
  Damascus looked around the class at the faces, it had been 6 minutes but he wanted to make sure everyone was completely relaxed. It had been unusually simple for Luna Lovegood, he thought.

"The marble in your hand has imperfections... they make it different from everyone else's. Roll it in your hands with your eyes still closed, focus on picturing it in your head. As detailed as possible," he whispered. After a few minutes, he continued.

"Picture the marble leaving your hand, then force it to leave your hand. Don't ask yourself how to do it, just do it. Force the marble. It has no choice," he whispered sternly.

Hermione concentrated as hard as she could, but she couldn't suppress the negative thoughts that came up as soon as she tried to make the marble move. 'There's no way this can work,' she thought. 'Yes it can, just do it, make it move...make it move...'

Her brow was furrowed in deep concentration, but the marble simply would not move. The narration inside her thoughts was too distracting.


Luna closed her eyes once more and began rolling the marble around in her hand. She took a deep breathe and focused her mind on the small marble.

All of the sudden, the marble inched towards the end of her hand and finally fell to the ground


Kara was in awe. "How did you do that?"


Luna said, "SHH! You're breaking my concentration."

Luna calmly picks up the marble and tries again, this time managing to make the marble hover for a second before dropping it


Damascus watched Luna and glanced around the room.

"Okay, that's definitely better than I thought it would go the first try," Damascus said beaming.

"That's 3 of you who managed it. Luna, Neville, and Caelan! You three come up here with me and I'll divide up groups for us four to lead," he said as he sectioned off the students into 4 groups.

ooc: for your info, you can be in any group you want, just pick a name :-D. And if you pick Neville, you'll have to power play him lol.
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Apr 5th, 05 @ 17:08
mood: worried
Kara runs down the hall and bursts into the hospital wing

Folkor! How are you feeling? Are you alright? *runs over to him anxiously*
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Room of Requirement, Thursday Evening 
Mar 30th, 05 @ 17:47
  Hermione slipped into the Room of Requirement Thursday evening with about 15 minutes until the meeting was about to start. She hoped Masca would show up early. She really wanted a sneak peek at his lesson before they began. She was excited at the prospect of learning and practising wandless magic, but had an underlying fear that she wouldn't be able to do it.

She placed her bag in a corner, pulled out a heavy and dusty book, and began to read while she waited for the others to show up.
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Herbology Greenhouse 4 
Mar 28th, 05 @ 15:18
mood: anxious
Hermione brushed the dirt off of her Herbology textbook before shoving it into her bag. The class had been a rather physical one, requiring her full attention to keep the plant from wrapping its long tendrils around her wrists or any other part of her body. It had, admittedly, taken an immense amount of self-control to keep it from strangling Malfoy, who had been shooting her nasty looks from across the table. As she packed up, her stomach fluttered a bit with excitement and nerves, knowing that she was going to be spending the afternoon with Ron, but also knowing it was going to be on a broom. It really amazed her that the dark side of the wizarding world didn't so much as phase her anymore, but her legs were almost jelly at the prospect of spending an afternoon riding a broom.

She caught an odd glimpse of herself in the shiny metal clasp on her bag, and was disheartened by what she saw. Her face was smudged with potting soil and her hair had frizzed out almost completely from the heat in the greenhouse and her resultant perspiration. She wished she had time to go back to the Tower and clean up before she met up with Ron, but quickly dismissed that idea, admonishing herself for being so shallow and idiotic. She reached deep into her bag, searching for a hair tie, and quickly pulled her hair back when she'd found one. She figured it would at least keep her hair from hitting her in the face as she precariously teetered several hundred feet above the rock-hard, merciless ground - that way she'd have a clear view of her life flashing before her eyes as she plunged to her death...

She shook herself out of her nightmare as a tall, lanky shadow got larger behind her. She whirled around, forcing a smile, and said to Ron,
"Ready to go, then?"
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Castle's Front Doors 
Mar 28th, 05 @ 00:29
mood: bored
Damascus shuffled some dust on the floor with his feet. He was waiting for Zach, and a much needed break from DA planning.
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Mar 27th, 05 @ 18:45
  Kara walks into the library with an armload of books. It's been a week since she did any serious work, and she has a lot of catching up to do...  
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Mar 27th, 05 @ 01:31

blimey, I disappear for a few weeks and people are FRIENDS with DAMASCUS SLYTHERIN EGOMANIAC KEAGAN.

what the hell happened?
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Private Message on DA Protean Coin 
Mar 23rd, 05 @ 23:02
  The coins picked up by every member, new and old, of Dumbledore's Army glowed warm in their pockets, alerting them that there was a new message on its face.

Next Meeting:
This Thursday evening
8:00 PM

In the Library 
Mar 21st, 05 @ 11:07
mood: accomplished
Hermione slammed down the cover of her Arithmancy textbook with a satisfying thud. She had been working on a research project for what felt like half a lifetime and had finally finished it, and four feet longer than it had to be at that. She glanced around at her classmates, who had chosen to put off the assignment until the last minute and were now realising just how long it would take them. It took all of her self-control not to smirk to herself.

As she glanced around, she spotted Damascus and Zach in one of the back corners. The open books sprawled all over the table meant they were purportedly studying, but Masca's mischievous grin and Zach's silently laughing shoulders suggested otherwise. She walked over to them and cleared her throat sternly,
"Ahem." She raised an eyebrow at Masca, but couldn't hold it for very long and smiled happily as she greeted them.

"Hello, you two. Is it all right if I join you? Or am I infringing on private time?"
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Mar 13th, 05 @ 16:27

Josh is packing his stuff quietly. He feel sad about leaving this place, afterall it's been home to him for several years. He'll miss his housemates, the teachers-maybe even Snape- but most of all he'll miss Kara. He hates this, he doesm't want to move to France, but his dad has business to take care of there for the ministry. He'll join Beauxbatons there, meet new people, but it will never be the same as here in Hogwarts. He closes his suitcase and slowly walks in the Great Hall. He looks around trying to find Kara, just to say goodbye before he'll go to France.

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In the hospital wing... again 
Mar 7th, 05 @ 19:34
mood: bored
Poppy Pomfrey had had quite a quiet weekend. After the Lennox-incident hardly anyone had been over for medical help. That left her some time to catch up her reading a bit. Right when she was about to read a fascinating article about bone transfiguration in Mungo's Monthly she heard the door, and unmistakingly footsteps. She sighed, wondering what it was this time and got up, leaving her magazine opened at her desk.
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Prefect Bathrooms 
Mar 6th, 05 @ 22:21
mood: sore
Zach shuffled in after dinner, checking to make sure no one was around before throwing off her awkward boy's clothes and sinking into the bath.
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The Library 
Mar 5th, 05 @ 21:56
  Luna sits in the Library, hunched over the latest edition of the Quibbler. Everyone once in a while, she emits a loud grunting sequence, looks around tentatively, then returns to her paper  

The Lake 
Mar 4th, 05 @ 09:40
mood: creative
Damascus sat himself in front of his and Isaac's favourite tree and pushed a slytherin into the lake with the quick movement of his hand and a straining face. He turned and grinned at Isaac expecting praise.
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