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In the Library

Hermione slammed down the cover of her Arithmancy textbook with a satisfying thud. She had been working on a research project for what felt like half a lifetime and had finally finished it, and four feet longer than it had to be at that. She glanced around at her classmates, who had chosen to put off the assignment until the last minute and were now realising just how long it would take them. It took all of her self-control not to smirk to herself.

As she glanced around, she spotted Damascus and Zach in one of the back corners. The open books sprawled all over the table meant they were purportedly studying, but Masca's mischievous grin and Zach's silently laughing shoulders suggested otherwise. She walked over to them and cleared her throat sternly,
"Ahem." She raised an eyebrow at Masca, but couldn't hold it for very long and smiled happily as she greeted them.

"Hello, you two. Is it all right if I join you? Or am I infringing on private time?"
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