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Herbology Greenhouse 4

Hermione brushed the dirt off of her Herbology textbook before shoving it into her bag. The class had been a rather physical one, requiring her full attention to keep the plant from wrapping its long tendrils around her wrists or any other part of her body. It had, admittedly, taken an immense amount of self-control to keep it from strangling Malfoy, who had been shooting her nasty looks from across the table. As she packed up, her stomach fluttered a bit with excitement and nerves, knowing that she was going to be spending the afternoon with Ron, but also knowing it was going to be on a broom. It really amazed her that the dark side of the wizarding world didn't so much as phase her anymore, but her legs were almost jelly at the prospect of spending an afternoon riding a broom.

She caught an odd glimpse of herself in the shiny metal clasp on her bag, and was disheartened by what she saw. Her face was smudged with potting soil and her hair had frizzed out almost completely from the heat in the greenhouse and her resultant perspiration. She wished she had time to go back to the Tower and clean up before she met up with Ron, but quickly dismissed that idea, admonishing herself for being so shallow and idiotic. She reached deep into her bag, searching for a hair tie, and quickly pulled her hair back when she'd found one. She figured it would at least keep her hair from hitting her in the face as she precariously teetered several hundred feet above the rock-hard, merciless ground - that way she'd have a clear view of her life flashing before her eyes as she plunged to her death...

She shook herself out of her nightmare as a tall, lanky shadow got larger behind her. She whirled around, forcing a smile, and said to Ron,
"Ready to go, then?"
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