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Hagrid's Hut

Hermione petted Fang on his giant head, keeping herself out of the direction of his slobber. She squinted her eyes into the distance, looking for Harry and Ron, who were supposed to meet her. She'd come directly from Professor Vector's classroom after Arithmancy, and she figured they were coming from Quidditch practise. She hadn't yet had the nerve to ask who was Captain at the moment, for she felt sure it might be a point of contention between them - if Ron was still it, Harry might hold a grudge, and the opposite was probably true if Harry had taken it back from Ron. She felt it wise not to bring it up at all.

She wondered what Harry had to tell them, worried that it was something terribly important. She knew he needed the two of them now more than ever, and even though Ron had the emotional capacity of a flobberworm, Hermione was determined to be there for Harry. She was scared, too, and not simply of Voldemort. This was their final year at Hogwarts. They would be off getting jobs soon. What if they were taken away from each other? What if she only got to see them in a visit about every other month? What if the year ended without Ron knowing how she really felt? She made a silent resolution not to let this final year of childhood, essentially, go to waste.

There was another issue on her mind, as well. The whole business with Voldemort. It had been entirely too quiet. She had a nagging sense of foreboding, that something was going to happen. She wanted nothing more than to take her friends and loved ones away, somewhere where they could escape from this whole war. However much she wished that, she knew Harry was inextricably linked to Voldemort. He would never be vanquished without Harry; he was the key. And she couldn't, in good conscience, doom the wizarding world to a future that included Lord Voldemort simply because she was selfish and wanted to protect those she held dear. As much as she worried about Harry, she worried about Ron too. Worried that he would eventually be taken by a sense of bravado, a desire to prove to the world that he was brave as Harry, and would do something horribly stupid...something to get himself killed.

On her knees beside Fang, Hermione felt an overwhelming urge.
"Whoever's up there," she began awkwardly, "If anyone is up there, please watch over my friends. There's so much fear in the world. We all need looking out for now." She closed her eyes, overcome with supplication, as two sweaty, disheveled figures approached from the direction of the Quidditch pitch.
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*sees Hermione from a distance and jogs up to meet her, not waiting for Ron* Hermione, are you alright?
"Erm," she stammered, standing quickly, "Yeah, just saying hello to Fang. Quidditch alright?"
*nods* It's getting there- I'm just glad to be back
"I imagine so," she grinned, then looked back toward Ron, who was trudging toward the two of them. "Ron, you want to pick up the pace a bit?" she called.
"sorry," he called back. "I'm knackered."

He picked up the pace a bit and joined them.
"So, Harry," she turned to him after Ron had reached them. "What is it you have to tell us?"
*looks around* can we get out of the open? I don't want anyone to hear us.
"Lead the way," she said nonchalantly, though she tried to catch Ron's eye with a look of worried anticipation.
Harry led them back behind Hagrid's hut and crouched down beside some underbrush "Down here," he whispered to Ron and Hermione.

Hermione followed with more than a slight look of skepticism on her face. What in the world could Harry have to tell them that required this kind of secrecy?
Ron shot a worried look at Hermione and then crouched down, feeling a bit crazy.
Alright, something's up. I overheard Dumbledore talking to McGonagall when I got back...
"Go on," said Hermione, now with more curiosity than worry.
"Well, I heard something about Wormtail again... and dissapearances. Not a lot of it made sense. And there was definitely something about some mysterious deaths of Voldemort's followers." Harry looked around cautiously what have you been able to find out?
"Absolutely nothing," she replied honestly. "Seriously, Harry, I haven't heard a thing about Voldemort or the war at all, and to be honest, it's scaring me."
*frowns* you don't know anything? Well, then we're left with several puzzle pieces.
"Deaths of his own followers?" Ron said squinting at Harry. "Why the hell are we worried about death eaters dying?"
"Well, I can't imagine Voldemort would be happy about his Death Eaters dying," she remarked, contemplating this unusual fact. "If there have been 'mysterious' deaths, that suggests two things. If they're mysterious, the Order didn't know about them before, so that means there's another faction of Voldemort resistance out there. Also, if Death Eaters have been dying and Voldemort isn't as angry as we might expect him to be, that means that he's increasing the number of his followers who may be more powerful than humans."

She watched as Ron tried not to wince every time she said 'Voldemort.'
"What if they're not resistance though? Anyone in the wizarding world knows that Dumbledore'll accept anyone who wants to destroy Voldemort. I don't think anyone's going to try to fight him alone."
"I don't know, Harry. I suppose that Voldemort could be killing his Death Eaters - I know that's not unheard of. But if it's more than one, they must have done something that was REALLY displeasing."
Yeah, but it's a possibility, isn't it? I mean, maybe he's finally takign revenge on all those ones who didn't support him earlier.
"I suppose...but like I said before, that means he's got to be confident enough not to need them."
Ron watched back and forth as they tossed around ideas. He looked blankly at the grass as he attempted to hold back his emotions. He was sick of talking about you-know-who. Why did they have to sit around and speculate? Of course cold hard facts were always welcome, but bouncing around morbid ideas was not Ron's idea of a good time.
Hermione noticed Ron's silence. He rarely joined in their conversations anymore if they dealt at all with the war. It must really be getting to him.

"All right, Ron?" she asked concernedly.
"Yeah, you look a bit strange," Harry added.