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Pansy was sitting at the lake, thinking. It's been a week since she got out of the hospital after that odd duel with Theo's cousin and that Hufflepuf boy. She didn't even remember what it was about, she didn't remember what she did, all she remembers is having horrible nightmares for a looong time. She was told she's been unconcious for a week. It was probably that nasty head wound, which she could still feel. It was healed, of course, but it still hurt.

She looked grim. It disturbed her that she hadn't got a get well card from her family. Her mother always sent her cards, even if it was just for keeping up appearances. But nothing. Absolutely nothing. She suspected it was because she hadn't answered her father's letter. THE letter. The 'my dear daughter, why don't you marry young Draco Malfoy and join our side in the current war'letter. She had liked Draco. She even sort of loved him at one point. But he has been cheating on her. And if he was cheating on her now, what would stop him from cheating on her in the future? It made her angry. All those promises had been unreal. And she didn't feel like joining 'their side'. Not because she didn't want to fight the mudbloods, but because she realised it was a losing battle. She didn't feel like risking her neck for that. She would risk her future.

She looked out over the lake, the cold wind blowing her hair around. It was icy, almost freezing. She picked up a ahndful of pebbles, and started to throw them in the cold, deep water, each with more strenght than the one before.
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