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Kara sat in the library, trying unsuccessfully to get work done. She just was NOT in a mood to study, but there didn't seem to be anyone around to talk to...
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Matt walked into the library, feeling bored. He had to catch up quote a lot from his week in the hospital, but he felt tired and lonely. He hadn't heard anything from Folkor lately. Then he saw Kara asn smiled. He walked towards her table and sat down.

"Hello Kara. Trying to catch up on your herbology?"
*absentmindedly groans* don't remind me. I can't do it to save my life. *looks up and sees Matthew* Oh hey! how're you feeling?

"Better, thank you. Though I'm terribly bored and I've lost the will to study. You?"
The same thing. The library's making me ill with it all.
Walks into the library caring a large pile of books. He puts on a table and then he sees Matt and Kara.

Hi Matt. Hi Kara. Haven't seen you around lately.
hey! how're you feeling?
"I'm just tired. I had a lot of catching up to do."
hey Folkor! I haven't seen you in ages!
"I know, but I have been busy with everything and nothing. So I didn't had time for a chat."
I'll bet. well, feel like taking a break? i'm really not in the mood to do work.
"I know what you mean. I have an small headache for a couple of days now form al that studying."
Yeah, i know what you mean. Things have been so crazy around here recently, and I'm still trying to catch up from the week I missed.
*sighs* Really, we shouldn't get in such a stupid duel again. Look what it did to our schoolwork!
*makes face* Well, i'm behind even without the duel. Although i still can't BELIEVE the two of you got yourselves into that AGAIN.
"I already told, Nott just started to throw jinxes at us..."
Yeah, i know *sigh* i just wish there was a better way...
*Folkor sighed*

"I know, I hope I won't have to duel with him anymore either, but he is so impulsive.."
Yeah, I know. Someone needs to teach him how to calm down.
"You're right. But I can't think who could learn him that. I must admit when he was with Caelan he was more comfortable to life with."

*Folkor sighed.*

"But I can't think who wants to date him."
*thinks* Hmm, it would have to be a Slytherin, because no one else would put up with him.

What about Pansy?
"Didn't they argue all the time since Nott stopped kissing Draco's butt? I always thought was liked Pansy was in love with Draco."

Folkor started to think.

"but it maybe expalined why they where both in the classroom during the duel."
yeah, but i think Pansy figured out Malfoy's been cheating on her, so maybe she'll be nicer towards Nott.

(ooc: i have to go, can we finish this later? i'm really really sorry!)