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Damascus Keagan

The DA continued

Damascus looked around the class at the faces, it had been 6 minutes but he wanted to make sure everyone was completely relaxed. It had been unusually simple for Luna Lovegood, he thought.

"The marble in your hand has imperfections... they make it different from everyone else's. Roll it in your hands with your eyes still closed, focus on picturing it in your head. As detailed as possible," he whispered. After a few minutes, he continued.

"Picture the marble leaving your hand, then force it to leave your hand. Don't ask yourself how to do it, just do it. Force the marble. It has no choice," he whispered sternly.

Hermione concentrated as hard as she could, but she couldn't suppress the negative thoughts that came up as soon as she tried to make the marble move. 'There's no way this can work,' she thought. 'Yes it can, just do it, make it move...make it move...'

Her brow was furrowed in deep concentration, but the marble simply would not move. The narration inside her thoughts was too distracting.


Luna closed her eyes once more and began rolling the marble around in her hand. She took a deep breathe and focused her mind on the small marble.

All of the sudden, the marble inched towards the end of her hand and finally fell to the ground


Kara was in awe. "How did you do that?"


Luna said, "SHH! You're breaking my concentration."

Luna calmly picks up the marble and tries again, this time managing to make the marble hover for a second before dropping it


Damascus watched Luna and glanced around the room.

"Okay, that's definitely better than I thought it would go the first try," Damascus said beaming.

"That's 3 of you who managed it. Luna, Neville, and Caelan! You three come up here with me and I'll divide up groups for us four to lead," he said as he sectioned off the students into 4 groups.

ooc: for your info, you can be in any group you want, just pick a name :-D. And if you pick Neville, you'll have to power play him lol.
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